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About Impact Design

Our Story

We have been embroidering and screen printing apparel since 1995. We started with 4000 square feet, four 12 head Tajima embroidery machines, and 6 employees. Through focusing on designing solutions for our customers, we have grown to 80,000 square feet of warehousing and manufacturing space with 500 Tajima embroidery heads, 6 automatic M&R screen print presses, and 325 employees with the capacity to decorate 45,000 units a day. We provide apparel decoration, warehousing and distribution services for apparel brands that sell to retail customers and golf pro-shops across the country as well as the decoration and fulfillment services of thousands of promotional products distributors across the US.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle and support the day to day decoration and fulfillment needs of our customers but are at our best when we can work with our customers to build the operational solution that can be competitive, cut costs, save time, and grow their business. This is what drives our mission, our strategy, and our core behaviors.

Our Mission Statement

We will provide the most competitive strategic solutions of custom apparel decoration and supply chain services for our customers.

Our Strategy

We will apply our solutions and services to our customers needs so they can cut costs, save time, and scale their business.

Our Core Behaviors

We will succeed in our mission by committing to the following behaviors:

  1. Provide the highest quality to our customers.
  2. Design our solutions to fit our customers' specific needs.
  3. Provide a competitive solution for any size opportunity.
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