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eCommerce Made Easy...

Impact Design's proprietary eCommerce platform was designed specifically for Promotional Products Distributors

Our eCommerce platform is unlike any other platform being offered to the promotional products industry today.  The key to our approach is that everything is completely integrated and turn-key so that the promotional products distributor is not required to process a single order. 

Simply instruct us on which products to include and direct us on look-and-feel specifics and you're live and ready to sell.  Our On-Demand production model means no inventory risk whatsoever to you or your client, giving you a major advantage over the eCommerce models being deployed by others. 

Our key clients are using our platform to win program contracts every single day with the following applications:

E-Company Stores

Our On-Demand merchandising platform enables you to offer an unlimited number of merchandise options without taking any inventory risk.  The promotional products distributor is not required to process orders, freeing them up to focus on business development with their clients.  Our solution is risk free, turn-key and completely customizable. 

Employee Incentive Programs

Our platform is ideal for Employee Incentive Programs.  In addition to offering the traditional premium incentive merchandise found on other platforms, we have the ability to include branded merchandise and apparel without having to put inventory on the shelf.  And, like our E-Company Store solution, there are no orders to process, allowing the promotional products distributor to focus on growing their relationship and business with their client.  This unique solution will help you easily get into the Employee Incentives business and win more contracts.

Uniform Programs

Company Uniform Programs are a necessity companies in many industries that was typically solved with inventory-based apparel programs, uniform rental programs, etc.  We have modernized the traditional company uniform program with our On-Demand eCommerce platform, eliminating the need for inventory while still providing customized products (i.e. name-drop) and the possibility for a much broader range of apparel options. 

E-Company Stores

Employee Incentives
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