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Enterprise Solutions

Impact Design can do more than just decorate apparel; we are a complete Enterprise-Level Solutions provider.

We specialize in providing a complete operational solutions to retail and golf apparel brands, industrial uniform companies, and large promotional products distributors that need more than just a vendor-client relationship.  We take a very customized approach for all of our enterprise level accounts. 

Our goal is to line up our company in the absolute best way for you specifically.  We operate as if we were your factory, not your vendor.  It should feel to you that we are simply an extension of your operation that might as well be located within your building. 

Our Integration and Client On-Boarding process:

First, we ask questions to investigate how you are currently operating.  

- How do you generate work orders (assuming you were doing your own embroidery/screenprint in-house)?  
- How does your current factory (or current vendor) access the art files that they need to run the order?
- How do you complete work orders?  
- How do you process shipments?  
- What information goes on your packing lists?  
- Are there special packing materials (e.g. custom tape, special boxes, special procedures, etc)?

Second, we try to figure out the most efficient way to line up with your current work order flow.

- Can we place terminals on our floor that have visibility to the appropriate part of your ERP system?
- Is it possible that we just have a WO printer that your production planners print orders to that we complete?
- What completion steps do we need to complete on your ERP system to bump status correctly for you?
- Do we need to setup a standalone shipping module connected to your system that completes the work order and calculates and processes freight?
- What is the best way to facilitate communication between you and the employee we have dedicated as your order facilitator (email, dedicated phone)?
- Does the client want to put their own employee in an office on our shop floor (this actually gets done from time to time!)?

Finally, we decide upon the most efficient way to invoice the client.

- If we have successfully deployed the client's ERP system on our floor, then there will be no PO from the client and we will submit an invoice that lists all of the orders we've processed that they can match up with orders that we've shipped on their system.
- If we have chosen not to implement their ERP system on our floor, then it can be assumed that they will be sending us some form of Purchase Order document and we will design the most efficient way for us to invoice the client so that their invoice/purchase order matching process is simple and clean for their accounting department.


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